Prayer to Love our Neighbor

Oh God, send in us your spirit of love, so that it prepares our hearts to love our brothers. In order to live the commandments of your Son, Jesus, in order to carry the distinctive mark and the rallying sign of his true disciples, we want to love one another, not with a sensitive but with a voluntary love, drawn in faith, consolidated by hope and proven by acts.

We praise and thank our Lord for having deigned to live among rough and uncouth men, accepting the hateful intrigues of the Pharisees and the oppressors; always with unchanging kindness, submitting Himself to everything, healing bodies and souls and, finally, giving His life, the supreme proof of His love.

Fully confident and trusting in the powerful intercession of the Virgin Mary, our Mother, and of the Saints, our brothers, we come to Jesus in order to learn the meaning of charity, to discover in His love for us the reasons and the model for the love toward our brothers; and to receive assistance, without which our feeble will can do nothing. In loving all men as if they were the living tabernacle of the Holy Trinity, may we accomplish the Law and thereby merit to love You and to be eternally loved by You, Oh God of Love!

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