Prayer for Community Life

Lord Jesus,

help us to make our charity sincere and without hypocrisy,
loving each other like brothers;
honoring each other constantly.

Teach us to help others in their needs,
and to be generous in our hospitality.

May we be joyous with those who are joyous,
may we weep with those who weep,
may we be of one mind among ourselves.

Help us – although I know this depends on ourselves –
to keep peace with all;
may I not expect from the structures
what only my own conversion can obtain.

If I see my brother – whoever he may be –
attractive or repulsive – being hungry,
with the help of your grace, Lord Jesus,
I shall give him to eat,

and if he is thirsty – or needs understanding, dialogue, –
I shall give him to drink.

Help us, Lord, never to be overcome by evil,
but rather to overcome evil by the good we can do.     (cf. Rom 12, 4-21)

A V E   M A R I A!

Eusèbe Henry Ménard
Animator General M.Ss.A.

November 1st, 1973.

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