The Mystical Body of Christ

All together we form the Body of Christ. In Christ we are one.

Our spiritual life possesses a dimension of deep verticality, which submerges us all in the mystery of the life of Christ. Us all, as I said. And because we all have our roots in Christ, the vertical dimension creates another one, a new horizontal one, through which we, Christians, find ourselves transformed “in Christ,” as “members one of another” (Rom 12, 5).

–  St. Paul explains profusely to us this deep inhesion of one with another, starting with his universal principle of the union of all with Christ. From his description, we may deduct with great clarity these main conclusions:

1. the Christian must abandon the feeling of independence, of individualism and of auto-sufficiency;

2. on the contrary, he must acquire the conviction that – whatever is personal and specific in his own make-up, has no other ‘raison d’être’ than the common good, the whole, so that we act wrongly not only when we do wrong, but also when we are absent from positive cooperation, with all our forces – in the service of all …

You, then, are the body of Christ; every one of you is a member of it.”     (1 Cor 12, 12-27)

–  The conclusion is obvious: we cease to be members one of another when we create disunion in what constitutes the human-divine circuit.

To be “members one of another” means community of goods, of hopes, of efforts, of illusions. As Christians, it is not possible to live in isolation, but only in a universal, maximum solidarity, which we shall not be able to reach without an acute conscience of the same.

–  This is the foundation of true fraternity; which supposes all the fraternal bonds in this world, in order to elevate them to becoming a new bond, made of divine and eternal force: the universal fraternity of all in Christ.

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