To Take Our Baptism Seriously

To take our baptism seriously

 The religious consecration of the Family of the Holy Apostles consists in taking our baptism seriously, and thus following Christ in a manner that implies total commitment. Out of love for God, we have decided to follow the Gospel by putting into practice his precepts and counsels according to our state of life and our duties.

To be frank, to live ones baptism is to live a life that is truly consecrated.

In the tradition of the Gospels, there exists a single perfection :Christ’s. To attain it, all Christians must conform to the radicalism of the Gospel by putting into practice his precepts and his counsels.

We do not see any reason in making a distinction between “precepts that are imposed”, that all the baptized must practice, and those that are observed in “religious life”. Each one must put into practice the evangelical counsels to attain perfection.

The reality is that all the baptized can attain perfection the best way possible, by following the way of Jesus Christ, by practicing the evangelical counsels according to each ones state of life.

God gives each one the graces he needs to realize the ideal of perfection the best way possible, in a continuous effort to achieve the perfection described in the Beatitudes of the Gospel according to Matthew.

Consequently, these precepts and these counsels of the Lord, belonging to the grace of baptism, are given to the whole Mystical Body. Holiness, common to the whole Church, flourishes only through them.

The religious, married laypersons, mothers and fathers, celibates, commercial and industrial managers, workers… all follow the evangelical counsels, but do not put them into practice the same way.

They are implicitly given to the religious so that, in showing them in an impressive way, they may provoke enthusiasm among the laity. And the laity show the religious the precious fruits of these same counsels by living them through their own vocation : devotion, generosity, fidelity, authentic self-sacrifice, openness of heart. It is a greater happiness for everyone to recognize one another as brothers, sons of the same Father.

We are living, perhaps, at a time where realities are perceived in a more tangible way. Let us allow ourselves to be possessed by Christ. May our journey towards Him never stop, even if our human strength declines.

The important thing is: to know Christ, the power of His Resurrection and the communion with His sufferings, becoming like unto Him in His death…; to be his witnesses : “But all these advantages…” (Phil 3, 7-14).

Together, being possessed by Christ, let us run towards the same goal! Together, let us take hold of Christ, by living an authentic charity, enlightened by the true practice of the Gospel.

Closely united in the service of God’s people, in Jesus, Mary, the Holy Apostles, and Francis of Assisi.

Rev. Eusebe-H. Menard ~ Rule of Life 1987


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