Go … ! – says Jesus, “Go …!”

“Go…!” – says Jesus, “Go…!”

It is the proper and the richness of the great ideas in the Gospel to be expressed in few words. Most evangelical sayings – all so valuable – have kept that privilege. One only word, – and it means so much!

Jesus says to his disciples: “Go…!” that is: “Do not stay put…”

No stagnation in our Christian life. Go, as far as possible. Never say: “Now, I’ll stop: that’s enough.”

Young people and elderly ones, lay or clerics, craftsmen or famous professors…, every one of you, go ahead.

– All life is to be fruitful as long as it lasts.

– You can only do a little? Do this little. You can do much? Go as far as you possibly can.

– Give light with the whole power of your light.

– Love with the whole force of your love.

– Don’t measure yourself and get right out of yourself.

– Difficulty braces the vitality of the soul. It becomes strength when it is practised. Not only do muscles need exercise, but also the faculties of the mind, of the heart, of apostolate, patience, etc…

– Let’s not aim at performance and competition: they often are the weakness of sport, – they always are weakness in spiritual life. Their result is an attitude which is cold, proud, lonely and discouraging.

– Grow up like the tree, with the whole forest, sustaining the small branches, protecting the weak shrubs from the hurricane.

– You work for all when you work, yourself, as much as possible.

“To live one’s whole life, to love with one’s whole love, to die one’s whole death….”          St. Teresa of Avila

As does Jesus every day on the altar of our Mass.

Happy Christmas! Holy New Year to each of you.

I bless you.

Rev. Pe. Eusebe – M. Menard,

Superior M. Ss. A.

Christmas 1967

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