Annual Retreat Letter to MSA – Having the Lord’s Spirit

Annual Retreat – The Missionaries of The Holy Apostles U.S.A.                                                                                                           (1.6.73)

  • Act 2, 14 – 20 …..all prophets…
  • 16, 5 – 15: The coming of the Holy Spirit

The world would be an interesting place to live if we believed the gospel of peace, if we appreciate what it means to have the Lord’s spirit.

Jesus clarifies what his gift will mean: “But when the spirit of truth comes he will lead you to the complete truth.”

It is important to note that the guiding spirit Jesus promises is not the private possession of any one person or group in the church. Consequently, it is expected that we consult with the society, the community in determining what is the best for the common good.

In ascertaining what is the will of God, one must inquire of those who also possess the spirit who “leads to complete truth: (…prayer…)

The ultimate formation of conscience consists in our opening to the spirit, who will lead us to do the right thing when action is demanded. To the degree we are led by the spirit of love there is no need of particular laws. The fact that the law has been the guiding factor for most of us does not agree for law; it simply documents the fact that few allow the spirit to do what Jesus promised. Many of us may not advance very far in living according to the one law of love, but why be so reluctant at least to start? Who knows what would happen if we opened ourselves to the spirit? There is no harm in trying, and little peace in resisting.

To show how little we respect the influence of the spirit today, we probably find it somewhat strange to hear Jesus say: act 2, 17-18 “…I will pour out my spirit on all flesh…”

Who says the day of prophecy is over? Who is to say that there shall be no more dreams and no more visions? How can a man say this if the present of the spirit of the Lord is in the world? This is the promise Jesus gave:

Applications: –    our society M.Ss.A!  active, creative…

each member: dynamic, co-creative…

Some men do still believe in dreams and visions. Robert Kennedy seems to have been this kind of man. He used to say: “Some men see things as they are and say ‘Why?’ I dream things that never were and say ‘Why not?’”

The danger is obvious. Without domination of Jesus and subsequent inspiration to do what is necessary and the most loving thing, the world will abound with false prophets and pseudo. Charismaties, men who bounce (faire du bruit) along on the whims (caprices) of their own superficial instincts.

The point is: He will lead us if we are leadable – Here, let us be convinced that “obedience” and “initiative” go together: obedience is freedom, creativity, protection from any illusion, and any egoism, discernment of spirit. Rom 16, 17-20

“What? Really wrote for, after all, was to test and see whether you are completely obedient.” (2 Cor. 2, 9)

As Jesus promised; the false prophet or phony visionary will be known by his fruits: “The spirit of truth will be my witness, Jesus claimed, and you too will be witnesses, you do will give evidence.” (Luke 24, 48ss) – The witness and evidence we give is by the life we live; and we are measured as true to the extent our life demonstrates that we know Christ Jesus and live his gospel.

Application: no hypocrisy: at least to desire to practise what we preach…

The gift of his peace – his spirit, which leads us to truth and to prophecy and is the cause of our joy – is also the cause of restlessness. The spirit is the spirit of love, and love is always restless in the midst of a world so lacking in love. Having his peace impels us to war – against unlove, against our personal egoism: source of enormous problems in any group.

How else can we make any sense out of this apparent contradiction? – Jesus says, “My peace I give you”. But he also says, “I have not come to bring peace, but the sword”.

Jesus is not talking about the peace the world gives, He is not speaking about a type of “suburban, superficial, diplomatic peace, which is really a withdrawal from reality, a disengagement from the full challenges of life – frequently a foolish search for a mythological peace guaranteed with: … possessions, investments and brands whether it be corporations, women, neighborhood, dog, stocks and bonds, automobile, membership cards, scotch, friends, boat, or cemetery plot.

The peace that is the gift of Jesus to us is his spirit of love, and this causes an uneasy conscience for those who dare to face the real world, where men are so desperately in need of love, a world full of the horrors of war, social violence and poverty, a world where every 8 second one human being dies of starvation, every minute seven, every hour 417, and every day 10,000.

The peace Jesus gives forces us to adopt the radical ethic of Jesus with its urgency to meet the need of our suffering brothers and sisters wherever they may be, whoever they may be – Lets us be a bridge of love between ourselves, for the rich and the poor, between north and south America. May the spirit makes us instrument of real peace.

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