Menardian Disciples Monthly Reading List

MSA Constitution Norm 28.3 states that “the reading of the writings of our Founder and other spiritual authors is recommended as inspiration for our spiritual life.”

Each month we provide suggested topics of study for out Menardian Disciples to grown in their knowledge and understanding of the spirituality of Father Menard and also their understanding of the MSA Charism.

January – Priesthood
6 Fr. Eusebe Menard Birthday
First Promises
22 Day of Prayer for the Unborn
24 MSA Aggregation with the Order of Friars

February – Mystical Body of Christ

March – Laity
7 Mr. Hector Durand Death – 1972 (Obituary)
19 Feast of St. Joseph
26 Fr. Eusebe Menard Death – 1987 (Obituary)
Novitiate Begins

April – Prayer
MSA Vocations Day
Holy Week

May – Eucharist
3 St. Philip and St. James (cousin of Jesus) –
Patron Apostles Feast Day
Mary Queen of Apostles
31 Feast of the Visitation Magnificat

June – Calling of Apostles
8 St. Barnabas – Patron Apostle Feast Day
29 St. Peter and St. Paul – Patron Apostles Feast
Pontifical Right Granted to MSA by Pope

July – Word of God
3 St. Thomas – Patron Apostle Feast Day
4 Independence Day
25 St. James (brother of St. John) – Patron
Apostle Feast Day

August – Charism of Society and Mission
15 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Founding of the Society of the Missionaries of
the Holy Apostles in 1995
24 St. Bartholomew (aka Nathaniel) – Patron
Apostle Feast Day
Classes Begin HACS ~ Letter to Seminarians

September – Fraternity
21 St. Matthew, Evangelist and Patron Apostle
Feast Day

October – Poverty
4 St. Francis of Assisi – Patron Saint Feast Day
28 St. Simon (the Zealot) and St. Jude – Patron
Apostles Feast Day

November – Chasity
30 St. Andrew – Patron Apostle Feast Day

December – Obedience
8 Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin
27 St. John – Evangelist and Patron Apostle Feast

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