All Saints Day Reflection

At times, we find God admirable in His saints, but we feel weighed down and even discouraged. “No, holiness isn’t for me, that’s for sure!” – And we are tempted to abandon our efforts toward christian perfection. We think of the painful journey through the dark night of faith, of dryness  in mental prayer, of personal failures, of the sins we constantly fall into, of our lack of success in the apostolate; we think that if we must do all that have done the saints or go through all what they went through, we’ll never make it. Holiness is out of reach for those who live ordinary christian lives.

But how many are there whose eminent holiness will only be known in Heaven. People haven’t seen anything yet. I believe the greatest saints have not necessarily been canonized. The life of the soul of ones like these had been profoundly hidden with Christ in God.

How can we not think of Saint Therese of Lisieux and of the naive comment of one of her sisters: “What will we be able to say about her after her death?” If Providence had not brought her out of the shadows after her death, would we have even suspected the splendors of grace in Therese? A message as new and ancient as the Gospel. And how many other servants of God, as saintly as, or even more saintly than Therese, remain in the shadows. We will discover them in the beatific vision.

Spiritual Testament of Father Menard ~ August 28, 1981

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